When to Call Your Huntington Beach Dentist

March 4, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

Everyone has busy lives and full schedules. Often we can forget about dental visits or postpone dental procedures because they don’t take priority. However, unlike some  medical issues, dental problems don’t resolve on their own.  Decay won’t go away. Cracks won’t heal. Gum disease only progresses. Regular visits to your Huntington Beach dentist, Dr. Cellars, is key to achieving and maintaining good oral health, while also preventing potential dental issues. Ignoring ...

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What kinds of treatments can a Huntington Beach family dental practice provide?

February 28, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

When it comes to oral health for the whole family, a family dental practice is ideal. This is because family dentistry centers are dedicated to addressing and treating the dental health of patients of all ages. Not only that, but our family dental practice in Huntington Beach, CA, offers a wide range of services, making dental care more accessible for your entire family’s needs.  Are you looking for an experienced family dentist in Huntington ...

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Make your littles smile! Follow these simple tips from a seasoned family dentist.

February 16, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

Parents love to see their children smile and so do we! Help make your children’s visits to the family dentists positive and productive  by choosing the right dental team. Dr. Jason Cellars and our team in Huntington Beach, CA, understand that kids may feel apprehensive or anxious about dental appointments, so we take special care to make visits fun. Mom and Dad can help, too, by following a few simple tips. Start each child ...

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Improve your smile with cosmetic dental treatments.

February 9, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

A beautiful smile can open doors and brighten up a room. However, over 36% of Americans are unhappy with their teeth, a problem that can create issues with their self-esteem. Dr. Jason Cellars and the team at Seacliff Dental provide cosmetic dental treatments at our offices in Huntington Beach, CA. We will work with you to create a smile you’ll be proud to show off.  Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options for a Better Smile Teeth ...

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5 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

January 26, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

Missing teeth and researching your restorative options? Today’s standard bridges and dentures are highly realistic. But if you want the ultimate in dental prosthetics, consider dental implants. By replacing missing tooth roots, implants can have enormous benefits for your overall oral health and quality of life.  At Seacliff Dental in Huntington Beach, CA, Dr. Jason Cellars offers implant-supported restorations. After an oral surgeon has positioned the implants themselves, Dr. Cellars will provide a custom-made ...

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Pediatric Dentist vs Family Dentist For Your Child

January 24, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

As a parent, you want the best for your little one, especially regarding healthcare. When searching for a dentist for your child, you may wonder if a pediatric dentist or family dentist is the best option. Both can provide quality care for your child, but there are several factors to consider.  If you live in Huntington Beach, consider Dr. Jason Cellars as your family dentist. Dr. Cellars offers preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatments for ...

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Dentist Explains Dry Mouth and What You Can Do

January 16, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

For many, the first month of the year is known as “dry January,” a time when they abstain from alcohol as a reset after the excesses of the holiday season. But if you suffer from dry mouth, or xerostomia, the term can take on a whole other meaning. Fortunately, as part of family dentistry services, your dentist can treat dry mouth, offering various treatment options depending on the underlying cause. At Seacliff Dental in Huntington ...

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Family Dental Practice Can Address the Specific Concerns of Every Age Group

January 9, 2023 By Jason Cellars, DDS

As you age, your oral health needs change. That is why finding a good family dental practice is such a great benefit. A family dentistry expert can treat everyone, often seeing parents and kids at the same time for maximum convenience. Plus, he will have a full understanding of your oral health, walking with you through every stage of life.  Dr. Jason Cellars is proud to offer family dentistry in Huntington Beach, CA. Seacliff Dental ...

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Dentist in Huntington Beach: Tips to Relieve TMJ Pain

December 31, 2022 By Jason Cellars, DDS

The temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, are the most complex joints in the body. It’s no wonder that so many people suffer from TMJ disorder. If you have TMJ disorder, you may experience clicking sounds, muscle pain in the cheeks and temples, pain in the jaw, difficulty chewing or talking, and/or locking of the joint.  After an examination of your teeth and jaws, Dr. Jason Cellars, dentist in Huntington Beach, can create a plan ...

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5 Qualities of a Great Dental Office

December 30, 2022 By Jason Cellars, DDS

Finding a great dental office can be a daunting task. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which dentist is right for you. However, if you know what to look for, this process is much easier.  First, decide what is most important to you– a convenient location, after-work hours, good with children, comprehensive services, modern technology, a good reputation, etc. Then go from there!  If you’re searching for a Huntington Beach ...

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