Our Huntington Beach Dentist Gives You Four Surprising Facts About Dental Implants

August 18, 2022

Dentist holds a model of a human maxilla, demonstrating how dental implants are embedded in the jawbone.Tooth loss has far-reaching effects outside of your oral health. Missing teeth can lead to systemic health issues, difficulty finding employment, and even trouble finding your perfect partner. But, thanks to implant dentistry, dental implants are the gold standard of available tooth-replacement options on the market today. 

At Seacliff Dental, Dr. Jason B. Cellars and his dedicated team proudly offer high-quality, titanium dental implants. If you’re looking to restore your oral function, health, and aesthetic, then contact our Huntington Beach, CA, dental office at (714) 848-4247 or online here.

If you’re not sure if dental implants are worth the hype, then keep reading. In this post, Dr. Cellars explores four facts about dental implants that might change your mind.

  1. Dental Implant Surgery Is Routine

Dental implant surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure, which limits the risk of complications during and after treatment. In fact, tooth implants have an astoundingly high success rate of approximately 98%, making them a quality, long-term solution for most patients.

Patients can increase the procedure’s success by following basic aftercare instructions, such as:

  • Eating softer foods while healing

  • Avoiding damaging behaviors or habits, like smoking, nail biting, or using teeth as a tool

  • Continuing gentle oral hygiene every day

  • Visiting our Huntington Beach dental team for regular checkups

  1. Dental Implants Fight Bone Loss

The oral cavity is an intricate system that relies upon a healthy and strong foundation to keep other structures in place. If oral structures (like teeth) begin to deteriorate, then other structures (like the jawbone) do, too. This triggers a cascade of deleterious effects, which can lead to further tooth loss, worsening gum disease, and a weakening jawbone.

To combat jawbone recession and further tooth loss, our Huntington Beach dentist recommends replacing missing teeth with dental implants as soon as possible. The titanium posts act like a natural tooth root, which encourages healthy blood flow, nerve stimulation, and bone regeneration.

  1. Tooth Implants Last a Lifetime

Typically, tooth implants consist of three separate parts: the titanium implant, an abutment, and a dental prosthetic (like a dental crown or dentures). When referring to the lifespan of dental implants, dentists are referring to the titanium implant itself.

Because the jawbone heals around the titanium post (also called osseointegration), the implant becomes a permanent fixture in the mouth. As such, dentists intend for titanium tooth implants to last a lifetime.

  1. Implants Can Make You Look Years Younger

Teeth give our cheeks and lips something to rest on, which helps to fill out our faces and makes us look more youthful. But, tooth loss can cause the cheeks and lips to pucker or sag in ways that can make us appear years older than we are.

Dental implants and their accompanying prosthetics help restore patients’ youthful glow by supporting the cheeks and lips. As a result, patients not only restore their oral health with tooth implants, but they enhance their aesthetics and self-esteem, too.

Verify your candidacy for dental implants today!

If you’re ready to confirm your candidacy for dental implants, then contact our Huntington Beach dentist today. Patients can schedule a consultation at Seacliff Dental by sending our team a message here or by calling (714) 848-4247 now.

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