Advanced Dental Technology

Huntington Beach

When the time comes for your dental appointment with Jason Cellars, DDS, you don’t want to feel like you’re stepping into an outdated dental office. At Sea Cliff Dental in Huntington Beach, we care deeply about providing services that meet your dental needs as well as technology that makes your visit comfortable and productive.

Our advanced dental technology includes:

The 3 Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner

Digital X-rays

Intra Oral Camera - This is a camera that allows the dentist to show the patient the exact procedure that is needed. It allows for patient education by showing the patient what the dentist sees. Patients are better able to understand the procedures that are being done to them and it helps to put them at ease and improves the patient-dentist trust relationship. Also, thanks to these technological advances patients are able to be more proactive and involved in their care.

Air Abrasion - Air abrasion is like a mini sandblaster that allow our dentist to spray the decay away. During air abrasion a thin spray of particles is concentrated on the decayed portion of the tooth and is removed as the spray hits it. The decay is then suctioned away. Air Abrasion can also be used by our dentist for other procedures for example, to remove old composite restorations or to prepare the tooth’s surface for bonding or sealants.

DIAGNOdent Technology

Diode Soft Tissue Laser - he Diode Soft Tissue Laser has countless applications in Oral Surgery and it is especially used for surgical interventions on soft tissues that do not imply excessive bleeding. Soft-Tissue lasers offer a wide range of clinical treatment options as they create precision cuts in gingiva while also eliminating bleeding and decreasing the healing time for the patient. Diode Soft Tissue Laser is also used in endodontic and periodontic treatments, as well as in teeth whitening procedures.

No matter what type of service you’re looking for, we hope that you feel like you’re sitting in a truly modern dental office environment when you do. Give Jason Cellars, DDS a call to learn more or schedule your first appointment!

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