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Huntington Beach, CA

Our Huntington Beach dental practice provides a level of patient care and customer service that stands out over other practices. Jason Cellars, DDS and our staff are all clinically trained to provide the absolute best dental treatment possible. Our goal at Jason Cellars, DDS is to make each patient feel comfortable and confident in our practice. Our patient’s satisfaction is our number one priority.

We provide top quality dental care with modern high tech facilities...

The Smile Foundation

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jason Cellars saw first hand how life changing a smile can be. Too often we see caring mothers whose kids teeth are diseased just because they didn't have the right information. And unfortunately we also see the effects that negative life situations can have on someone's mouth and smile.

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Top 10 Reason to Visit SeaCliff Dental:

  1. Warm, friendly, attentive staff and cosmetic dentist.
  2. Welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
  3. 28 year history of providing quality dental care to the Huntington Beach community.
  4. We provide cosmetic as well as comprehensive and preventative dental care.
  5. We have a commitment to provide our patients with the best dental experience.
  6. We strive to be on time to eliminate or minimize our patient’s waiting time.
  7. We are experienced with the latest dental technologies.
  8. We have a commitment to honesty and integrity.
  9. Dentist and staff make continuing education a high priority.
  10. We make sure that all treatment is discussed, explained and understood with all of our patients.

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