Dental Check-ups

 If you are 80 years old or 8 years old, your oral health is equally important. Did you know that 100 million Americans fail to visit the dentist every year, even though regular dental exams and good oral hygiene can prevent most dental diseases?

Why Are Checkups Important?

Regular dental visits are important because they can help identify oral health issues early on. The earlier you identify oral diseases, the easier and more affordable treatment can be. To summarize, regular checkups with your dentist in Huntington Beach help prevent the development of many oral diseases and their symptoms from the very beginning.

When Should I See Jason Cellars, DDS?

Here are some signs that you should see a dentist:

  • Your teeth are sensitive to heat or cold.
  • Your gums are swollen and/or bleed when brushing or using dental floss.
  • You have fillings, crowns, dental implants, dental prostheses, etc.
  • You do not like the look of your smile or your teeth.
  • You have persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have pain or swelling in your mouth, face, or neck.
  • You have trouble chewing or swallowing.
  • You have a family history of gum disease or tooth decay.
  • You have a medical condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, or you are HIV positive.
  • Your mouth is often dry.


Even if you do not have any of these symptoms, you can still have oral health problems that can only be diagnosed by a dentist. Regular dental check-ups with your Huntington Beach dentist will also help prevent the development of more serious dental issues. It is also important to keep your dentist informed about any changes in your overall health since many diseases can affect your oral health as well.

Keeping your mouth healthy is an essential part of your regular life, so make sure to schedule your dental checkup with Dr. Cellars by calling (714) 848-4247.

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