Orthodontic Braces 

Nowadays, an abundance of people are turning to orthodontic treatments for a variety of purposes. Some seek merely to improve their aesthetics or fix their bites; whereas others want to better their overall wellbeing and self-confidence. Evidently, this is becoming more commonplace - the Academy of General Dentistry reports that 1 million Americans over 18 now wear braces!

woman with a nice smile from orthodontic bracesStraighter teeth means more than just a confident smile - it also reduces the risk of dental issues in the future! Your pearly whites become easier to clean when they are correctly aligned, thus decreasing the chances for gum disease. Additionally, you can reap other rewards such as improved chewing and speaking abilities. When your teeth are in proper alignment and you maintain a thorough oral hygiene regimen, you can rest assured that the overall state of your health will benefit as well!

Dr. Jason Cellars understands that everyone's dental needs are unique. That's why we provide a variety of orthodontic solution alternatives, including traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, lingual braces, removable appliances, and even partial treatments. We'll collaborate with you to select the best treatment strategy based on the severity of your bite and degree of misalignment using your final intended outcomes as a yardstick.

Choosing the ideal braces for your unique needs will not only enhance the aesthetics of your teeth, but also result in more effective chewing and increased self-confidence. Plus, it can help to improve your oral health!

Traditional Braces for a Misaligned Bite

An improper bite, like crossbite or overjet, is an indication of teeth misalignment. To ensure that your overall oral health remains in good condition and to avoid serious future dental problems, you should consider braces as a corrective solution for any malpositioning issues you may have.

If your teeth appear to be in proper alignment, but your jaws don’t line up correctly, you could have an underlying issue that requires orthodontic treatment. Early tooth loss, over-eroded enamel on the teeth surfaces, impaired speech and chewing functions—not to mention more severe jaw problems—could result from genetics or a traumatic accident; premature or delayed baby tooth extraction; genetically missing teeth; obstructed nasal breathing as a consequence of allergies and colds, enlarged tonsils/adenoids (tonsillar hypertrophy); Deviated Septum… Don't overlook these signs!

The sort of orthodontic therapy you'll get is determined by Jason Cellars, DDS and the severity of your problem. Give us a call today at (714) 848-4247!

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