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Whole-Body Connection to Your Oral Health

Huntington Beach holistic dentist

Our body is a complex system that works as a single machine with many parts. One of Jason Cellars, DDS areas of expertise is holistic dentistry. Our holistic approach at Seacliff Dental combines holistic practices with modern remedies. The purpose of holistic dentistry is to treat your body’s symptoms, focusing on preventative care rather than reactive. With modern technology we are able to support and respect our body's natural healing systems for optimum results and total health. We take a comprehensive approach using the most biocompatible techniques and materials to ensure the best oral health and systemic health for our patients. With proper precautions and expertise we are able to offer a comprehensive treatment plan that considers co-occurring conditions and lifestyle that is most ideal for the patient's body as a whole.

Because most nutritional sources are ingested through your mouth, your oral health is connected with other aspects of your health in more ways than traditional dentistry acknowledges. The interconnectedness of your body also makes it more important than ever to treat your oral health as an extension of your total health. Focusing on the connection between your body’s oral and physical health allows us to discover the root of your dental problems and address them in the healthiest way possible. For example, we implement laser technology and photobiomodulation to trigger the body's natural healing response, and we use the most up-to-date equipment to remove and place fillings without exposing your body to dangerous metals or polymers. Treating your body from a preventative standpoint and focusing on restoring it to its natural function is the healthiest way to achieve successful long-term results.

Dr. Cellars holistic approach will also:

  • Seek to avoid and eliminate toxins from dental materials.
  • Encourage preventative dental practices and proper nutrition for prevention and reversal of degenerative dental disease (like periodontal/gum disease).
  • Only use biocompatible dental materials and techniques.


Your family can benefit from a holistic approach to dentistry. Experience a better side to dentistry using safe, biocompatible solutions. Contact our office today at (714) 848-4247 to schedule an appointment.

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