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Create the smile you have always wanted. Dr. Jason Cellars has helped countless patients to improve the health, function, and beauty of their smiles. We invite you to look through our smile gallery here. Are you ready to take the first step towards a great smile? Call Jason Cellars, DDS at (714) 848-4247, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cellars at our office in Huntington Beach, California.

Our amazing patient was tired of using a removable appliance to replace her front teeth and was embarrassed to eat or socialize around her friends. To replace her front teeth, we made her a beautiful all ceramic bridge that looks completely natural and functions just like normal teeth. She was extremely emotional and grateful with her final results. This was truly one of those cases that changed the patient’s life.

Dental Cosmetic Bridge: Jason Cellars, DDS

Our young patient came in having his front two crowns broken off. One of the hardest things in dentistry is matching the front teeth to the teeth beside them. Matching the color, texture, and translucency to the adjacent teeth needs to be mimicked almost perfectly so that our eyes don’t notice a difference at first glance. Our master ceramist was able to make a near perfect match that our patient was ultimately very pleased with. He was happy to be able to smile confidently again.

Dental Crowns in Huntington Beach

Our patient came in and was very self-conscious about the size of his teeth and wanted them whiter. By custom making him 10 beautiful veneers we were able to give him the ideal shape and size that fit his face. We were also able to make them much whiter while giving them enough texture and translucency to ensure that they still looked natural without looking like chicklets or fake teeth.

Huntington Beach Best Dentist: Veneers

Our patient came in wanting her teeth as white as possible (while still looking natural). We designed her 10 veneers with a more feminine shape that complimented her face and added a lot of texture and translucency to her veneers to make them still look like natural teeth even with them being very white. A very beautiful result that brightens the patients entire face.

Cosmetic Veneers: White Teeth - Huntington Beach

Our patient had injured her front tooth in the military years ago and was never happy with how it was fixed esthetically. The tooth was too long and too big and prevented her from smiling with confidence. We were able to fix her smile by replacing the crown that didn't match and by placing a veneer on the tooth on the other side to give her smile more symmetry, and restore her confidence to smile. 

Our patient was unhappy with the crowding of her lower teeth and wanted them straightened. We opted for Invisalign® instead of braces and were able to straighten her lower teeth while widening her smile in less that a year giving these amazing results without any dental crowns or veneers.

Our patient came in unhappy with the dark yellow color of her one front tooth and didn't like that the other front tooth was worn and flat on the edge. These cases are different from our full veneer cases because we want the color and texture of the veneers to perfectly match the rest of her teeth so that you can't tell that they aren't her natural teeth. We added staining and craze lines into the porcelain here to perfectly match the rest of her teeth. She is happily smiling again without being conscious of her discolored front tooth.

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