What Makes A Good Cosmetic Dentist And How Can You Tell?

February 22, 2022

Huntington Beach cosmetic dentist Jason Cellars, DDSHere are some points to consider:

  1. Having The Training and Mentorship - where did the dentist learn and who taught them. Did they have a mentorship program. Some dentists advertise that they are "cosmetic dentists" even though they have had inadequate training, experience and mentorship.
  2. An Eye For Style/Fashion - because this is about making you look and feel good, it helps if the dentist has an eye for it. Do they evaluate your face shape, skin tone, and give you feedback on what shape and shades (color) would best suit your face.
  3. An Experienced Dental Laboratory That Understands Cosmetic Dentistry - ultimately, the lab has such a big impact on the final product. Do they deal with a lab that specializes in smile makeovers or are they dealing with a lab that focuses on single tooth dentistry? Research the lab. Ask if the lab has been involved in cosmetic dentistry courses and which ones? Were the courses hands-on programs with patients or just lectures? Dental labs like Frontier invest a lot of resources in training via hands-on programs. These programs involve dentists with patients in clinical settings. Very few dental labs have experience in hands-on programs. As a patient, demand that your dentist deals with a leading cosmetic dental lab. I promise there is a difference in the end product.
  4. Team Members That Have Actually Had Their Own Teeth Done - so they can relate to the experience. This inspires confidence if people in the dental office have actually opted for veneers themselves. It tells me they are believers in the process and its impact in changing ones life. They understand the psychology behind it. Does the dentist have a nice smile?
  5. Drilling Into Your Needs - pardon the pun :). Did the dentist ask you questions to uncover why you want your smile done? Do you want to look friendlier, more approachable, sexier, etc... Do you want to look younger?
  6. Is Your Dentist Cutting Corners - this procedure requires time, preparatory work, and quality materials. At least if you want a smile that will last you a long time. The devil is in the details. So does he or she seem to be rushing you through your consultation? How many pictures of you are they taking (the dentist needs to take multiple pictures of you from various angles to be able to communicate your features to a dental laboratory). Are they explaining the treatment plan thoroughly? Are they guiding you as opposed to "selling" you?
  7. Do they have photos of other patients that have had their smiles done? How do they look? Do the smiles fit the patient or do they all look the same?
  8. Do you hear terms like golden proportions, buccal corridor, embrasure? Signs that the dentist and or lab understand how to get you the best result.

As a patient, you owe it to yourself to do some research. The results vary according to the skill of the dentist and the quality of the dental laboratory. Done properly, I am sure you can get the "look" you desire.

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