Top Three Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Better Oral Health

September 15, 2022

beautiful smile from Huntington Beach cosmetic dentistYour smile shouldn’t just look great–it should feel great, too. With versatile cosmetic dental treatments, patients can upgrade their smiles while strengthening their teeth and improving their oral and overall health. Are you ready to explore your cosmetic options with a trusted dentist in Huntington Beach, CA?

Contact Dr. Jason Cellars at Seacliff Dental today. He and his compassionate team can help you get healthier, more beautiful teeth and gums for a more functional and attractive smile. Book your appointment today by sending us a message or by calling (714) 848-4247 now.

Meanwhile, let’s explore three cosmetic dental treatments that we recommend to enhance the health and appearance of your smile. Because when you have a healthy smile, cosmetic dental treatments look even better!

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Did you know that dentists can beautify your smile, treat cavities, and prevent severe tooth sensitivity with the same substance? It’s true! Using a durable composite resin, Dr. Cellars can  restore the health of his patients’ smiles while also addressing minor flaws, like:

  • Hairline fractures and chips

  • Gaps

  • Uneven or short teeth

  • Thinning tooth enamel

  • Exposed tooth roots

  • Internal and external stains

Cosmetic dental bonding is minimally-invasive and cost-effective. Therefore, it is a fantastic option for patients who want to revamp their smiles without sacrificing their comfort or budgets.

Furthermore, cosmetic dental bonding is long-lasting. So, patients can expect to enjoy their perfectly tailor-made smiles for at least 10 years with the proper care.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

A crooked smile can be a source of great discomfort, frustration, and embarrassment for some patients. Misaligned teeth can affect the way these patients bite and chew, which can lead to significant dental damage and temporomandibular joint pain. 

Not only that, but crooked teeth are more challenging to clean, too. Overly crowded teeth tend to overlap, creating hard-to-reach places that are difficult to keep free from microorganisms and food debris. This means that crooked teeth can harbor more harmful bacteria, which can lead to significant plaque build-up, increased cavity rates, and gum disease.  

With Invisalign, however, patients can discreetly align their teeth for heightened performance, enhanced comfort, and improved aesthetics.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dental veneers are porcelain prostheses that Dr. Cellars permanently places on the front surface of teeth that may have:

  • Stubborn stains

  • Internal tooth discoloration

  • Minor dental damage (like chips or fracture lines)

  • Large gaps

  • Worn tooth enamel

  • An irregular shape

As an aesthetic treatment, cosmetic dental veneers are a remarkably versatile and customizable option. They are also an effective treatment to address severe tooth sensitivity, as veneers help strengthen the natural framework of weak teeth.

You may have noticed that cosmetic dental veneers and cosmetic dental bonding address similar smile flaws. But, porcelain veneers are a longer-lasting, more personalized alternative to cosmetic dental bonding. 

In fact, a 2012 study found that porcelain veneers have a considerably high success rate of nearly 84% over 20 years. This means that patients can comfortably and effectively illuminate their smiles two times longer with veneers than with cosmetic dental bonding. 

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Huntington Beach, CA

Are you ready to discover what you’ll look like with a healthier, more beautiful smile? Then, schedule a consultation to discuss cosmetic dental treatments with our dentist in Huntington Beach, CA today!

New and existing patients can book appointments online, or they may call Seacliff Dental at (714) 848-4247.

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