5 Reasons to Schedule Your Dental Checkups

October 12, 2022

Woman with big smile in Huntington BeachYou know that you should visit the dentist twice a year. But how important is it really? Is it just one of those things that everyone says you should do, but no one really does? The truth is that visiting your Huntington Beach dentist is vital both for your oral and your physical health.

At Seacliff Dental, Dr. Jason Cellars and his team perform extremely thorough dental checkups. Our advanced technology helps us to make accurate diagnoses very early on, often preventing serious tooth damage, pain, and even life threatening health conditions.

Still not convinced? Read on to learn why your dental checkups should be high on your priority list! Then contact us to schedule your appointment.

  1. Routine Cleanings Can Prevent Cavities.

A cavity starts with oral bacteria, which accumulate on the teeth. Even good hygiene cannot eliminate them entirely. Eventually, bacteria will form sticky plaque and then hard tartar, which will erode your enamel. This process gives bacteria access to the softer and more porous tissue below.  

Regular cleanings can eliminate plaque and tartar when they first start to accumulate - long before a cavity can develop. 

  1. Regular Checkups Can Minimize the Need for Extensive Treatment.

An estimated 20.9% of adults between the ages of 20 and 44 have untreated cavities. Unfortunately, by the time these patients do receive a proper diagnosis, they are likely to need extensive treatment, such as root canal therapy or even extraction.

When you visit the dentist regularly, you are far less likely to suffer from dental decay in the first place. But if a cavity does develop, your dentist will be able to catch it before the damage is severe.

  1. Biannual Dental Checkups Can Keep Your Gums Healthy.

Your teeth are not the only concern. Your gum tissue is also a key component of oral health. Sadly, gum disease is a common condition, affecting about 42.2% of US adults. Of these, 7.8% suffer from severe periodontitis. 

Gum disease occurs when bacteria build up in the soft tissues. This will cause inflammation, bleeding, and, eventually, tooth loss. There is no cure for advanced gum disease, but in the initial stages it can be reversed. At regular dental checkups, Dr. Cellars will check for the early symptoms. 

  1. X-rays Can Uncover Early Bone Loss and Other Concerns.

Our priority is to prevent dental problems in the first place, and x-rays are key. But our advanced digital x-rays will not only reveal hidden decay. They can also show deeper problems, such as jawbone degeneration, cysts, impacted teeth, and alignment issues. 

By diagnosing these early, we can recommend appropriate treatment before you experience severe pain or tooth loss.  

  1. Oral Cancer Screenings Could Save Your Life.

Sadly, oral cancer fatalities are high. But this is not because the disease is more aggressive than other forms of cancer. Rather, it is because it is often undiagnosed until it has reached the more advanced stages. 

Dr. Cellars and his team will conduct an oral cancer screening at every appointment. Looking for the early signs of cancer, we can often provide a life-saving diagnosis. 

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