Have questions about root canal treatment? We have answers!

November 23, 2022

An illustration of root canal treatment in Huntington Beach, CAWhen you think of family dentistry treatments, you probably don’t think of root canal treatment. But, this smile-saving procedure can help you avoid tooth extractions so that you can keep your natural teeth intact. As a result, root canal treatments at Seacliff Dental give you a healthier, happier smile that looks as great as it feels.

Don’t let dental infections go untreated. Schedule a root canal treatment with Dr. Jason B. Cellars to remove the infection, repair the compromised tooth, and restore your oral health. We welcome patients of all ages and backgrounds, so call our dental office in Huntington Beach, CA, at (714) 848-4247, or send us a message to get booked now.

In this post, we answer your questions about root canal treatment. Knowing this information can help you get the care you need to save your time, money, and health.

What is a root canal?

Technically, root canals are the small channels inside tooth roots that house the nerve-dense pulp inside our teeth. Today, however, we say ‘root canal’ colloquially to mean ‘root canal treatment’ (also called ‘root canal therapy’).

This vernacular stems from the infections that can develop inside tooth roots, which dentists may call:

  • Root canal infections

  • Dental infections

  • Tooth infections

  • Dental abscesses

Why get root canal treatment?

A root canal infection will not go away on its own. Subsequently, it is crucial for patients to visit a qualified dentist in Huntington Beach to remove the infection and protect the damaged tooth. Otherwise, the infection may continue to worsen, eventually threatening the health of the tooth, your mouth, and, indeed, your entire body.

How common is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is common, with experts estimating that dentists perform roughly 15 million root canals yearly in the US. Because they are so common, root canals have become a remarkably safe, effective, and pain-free restorative treatment.

Do root canals hurt?

In the past, root canals earned themselves a reputation for being a devastatingly painful procedure. Today, however, they are a routine procedure that our team can perform in just 30 to 60 minutes

So, what has changed over the years? Comfort-enhancing and pain-blocking medications, such as:

  • Prescription-strength numbing gels

  • Fast-acting local anesthetics

  • Nerve-calming sedatives (like nitrous oxide)

At Seacliff Dental, we do everything we can to ensure your ultimate comfort. So, we encourage you to let us know if you experience any pain during treatments. Even if you don’t feel pain, we can help calm your nerves with other comforting solutions.

How much does root canal treatment cost?

Many factors can influence the cost of a root canal, such as:

  • The location of the tooth that requires treatment

  • Insurance coverage

  • Any dental restorations needed to complete the treatment (like a protective dental crown)

  • The dentist’s geographic location

  • Emergency treatments or services rendered

Nevertheless, patients can expect root canal treatment to start at $1,000 without insurance. Our team will happily verify your insurance coverage and give you a bill estimation before providing treatment.

Root Canal Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

You cannot treat a root canal infection on your own. So, let the experts at Seacliff Dental help you fight the infection, repair the damage, and restore your smile’s brilliance. Contact our team online here, or call us at (714) 848-4247 to get started now.

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