Pediatric Dentist vs Family Dentist For Your Child

January 24, 2023

happy child going to pediatric dentist in Huntington BeachAs a parent, you want the best for your little one, especially regarding healthcare. When searching for a dentist for your child, you may wonder if a pediatric dentist or family dentist is the best option. Both can provide quality care for your child, but there are several factors to consider. 

If you live in Huntington Beach, consider Dr. Jason Cellars as your family dentist. Dr. Cellars offers preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatments for patients of all ages. His office is a convenient and comfortable place for the whole family. Contact our team today to learn more or to schedule an appointment. 

Pediatric Dentist– The obvious choice? 

Before researching, it might seem like a pediatric dentist is the most obvious and beneficial choice for your little one. They do offer exceptional dental care to children, but so do family dentists. Additionally, pediatric dentistry is a specialty, and (like other dental specialities) it is only necessary to visit them when referred to by a family, or general, dentist. 

A pediatric dentist may be the best option for your child if he or she has serious or complex oral health needs, like: 

  • Tongue ties

  • Cleft palate

  • Delayed tooth loss or eruption

  • Malocclusion

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Establishing a relationship with a family dentist can ensure a lifetime of optimal oral health and excellent oral health care. Family dentists offer convenient, comprehensive care for the whole family. 

  1. A life-long relationship

For a child, having a relationship with a family dentist means a relationship for life. Meaning, no matter his or her age, your child will always know who to go to for oral health care and feel comfortable doing so. Their family dentist will have their dental history on file, monitor ongoing health concerns, and provide personalized care through every stage of life. 

When a dentist cares for a patient from childhood, he can easily detect changes and problems in the patient’s mouth. This type of relationship also helps patients build confidence and trust in their family dentist. 

  1. Convenience

A single dentist for an entire family makes oral health care much more convenient. Rather than driving to various offices for each family member, taking off work multiple days, and dealing with schedule conflicts, a family dentist allows parents to receive oral health care on the same day and in the same place as their children. 

  1. Comprehensive care

Family dentists also offer comprehensive care for the whole family. This includes dental cleanings, exams, sealants, crowns, and so much more. If your child doesn’t have complex dental needs, a family dentist will provide all the care he or she needs and more! When necessary, a child is referred to a specialist. 

Family Dentist in Huntington Beach

Our patients love Dr. Cellars because of his compassion for his patients and enthusiasm for dentistry. In our office, your child will be in great hands! To schedule an appointment for your little one (and the rest of your family!) contact us today at (714) 848-4247.

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