Improve your smile with cosmetic dental treatments.

February 9, 2023

Girl smiling under palm treesA beautiful smile can open doors and brighten up a room. However, over 36% of Americans are unhappy with their teeth, a problem that can create issues with their self-esteem. Dr. Jason Cellars and the team at Seacliff Dental provide cosmetic dental treatments at our offices in Huntington Beach, CA. We will work with you to create a smile you’ll be proud to show off. 

Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options for a Better Smile

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments can lighten and remove stains, giving new brightness to your smile. While over-the-counter options produce moderate results, professional-strength teeth whitening in our Huntington Beach office yields stunning results. Our whitening systems provide comfortable and reliable solutions for brightening discolored teeth. You’ll enjoy whiter teeth in less than an hour! 

Invisalign Braces

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, or NHANES, has shown that only around 35% of adults in the United States have naturally straight teeth. With crooked teeth, brushing and flossing may seem difficult and ineffective. This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.  

Dr. Cellars provides Invisalign clear braces to t correct crooked teeth, bite issues, gaps, and overcrowding. Made from durable, transparent acrylic, Invisalign aligners offer a comfortable and discreet way to improve the appearance of your teeth, so you’ll feel like smiling more often.


Crowns are specially crafted caps that fit over a damaged tooth. Dr. Cellars uses crowns to::

  • Attach Dental Bridges

  • Reinforce Weak Teeth

  • Restore Broken Teeth

  • Reshape Misshapen Teeth

If you have any of these issues, Dr. Cellars will be happy to discuss cosmetic dental treatment options with you. Just ask at your next appointment, or call us to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

Dental crowns require two appointments. At the first appointment, our team will fit your tooth with a temporary crown while your permanent crown is created. Dr. Cellars willWe work with you to  match your crown to your natural teeth, so your smile will look completely and feels natural. At the second appointment, the doctor will permanently attach your new crown and make sure it fets and feels great. 


Chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth, and gaps between teeth, can make people want to hide their smiles for fear of being judged.   Cracked and chipped teeth may become uncomfortable if they allow decay or infection to develop. 

With dental bonding, Dr. Cellars can rebuild and reshape a chipped, slightly cracked, or uneven tooth and improve your smile. During the bonding process, the dentist will apply custom-shaded composite resin, then harden it with a soft curing light. The process is simple, affordable, and only takes one visit. In some cases, bonding can achieve results similar to porcelain veneers. Bonding, however, will not last as long as porcelain veneers.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers can correct the appearance of worn-down, chipped, widely spaced, or permanently stained front teeth. Veneers are custom-crafted porcelain shells that fit on the front surface of teeth that show when you smile. They coverall cosmetic flaws and can help with the following issues:

  • Significant Staining or Discoloration

  • Worn-Down Teeth

  • Unusually Small Teeth

  • Chipped Teeth

  • Moderate Misalignment of Teeth

  • Gaps Between Your Teeth

Once Dr. Cellars permanently adheres your custom-made veneers, you’ll have a brand-new smile. Learn more about how the procedure for veneers works here. 

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Make You Smile More

A beautiful set of teeth can improve your confidence so that you’ll smile more often. Smiling can bring you a wealth of benefits, including: 

Do you want to enjoy these benefits? If you don't feel comfortable with your smile, come visit Dr. Cellars and our team in Huntington Beach, CA. We offer comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. Call us today at 714-848-4247 or contact us online.  

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