Make your littles smile! Follow these simple tips from a seasoned family dentist.

February 16, 2023

Young girl smiling with flower flower in her hair.Parents love to see their children smile and so do we! Help make your children’s visits to the family dentists positive and productive  by choosing the right dental team. Dr. Jason Cellars and our team in Huntington Beach, CA, understand that kids may feel apprehensive or anxious about dental appointments, so we take special care to make visits fun. Mom and Dad can help, too, by following a few simple tips.

Start each child off young.

Schedule your child’s first appointment to the family dentist when his first tooth erupts, which should occur around six months of age. If no teeth appear by his first birthday, schedule an appointment anyway. Seeing a family dentist when your child is a year old allows us to help prevent tooth decay, answer your questions, and address any other issues, like treatment for oral thrush (white spots on the soft tissues of the mouth). If you bring your children to the dentist at a young age, dental visits will feel routine, and routines foster comfort.

Choose a family dentist who offers a variety of dental services.

Finding a dentist who provides treatment for many children’s dental issues can help you avoid needing a pedodontist (children’s dental specialist). At Dr. Cellars’ office, you and your children will feel comfortable and well cared for at every appointment. We offer:

  • Fluoride Treatments

  • Dental Cleanings

  • Sealants

  • Preventative Dentistry

  • Root Canal Therapy

  • Dental Implants

  • Dental Bonding

  • Composite Fillings

  • Dental Crowns

  • Digital X-Rays

  • Oral Cancer Screenings

Expect a little fussing now and then. 

Crying, wiggling, whining, or refusing examination are all normal reactions from young children. Remember, as your family dentist, Dr. Cellars and our dental team see kids every day. We have experienced every possible attitude, fit, and reaction that  you could imagine. This “training” has helped us develop an environment and chairside manner that make kids feel special, favored, and respected.

Mom and Dad, please stay calm and don’t feel embarrassed or flustered. Dr. Cellars and our team will guide your child (and you) through each part of the visit. To help older children and special needs patients relax during procedures, we offer conscious sedation. If your child’s stress level becomes too high, we can also reschedule the visit for a later time. 

Keep every visit simple and positive. 

As you prepare your child for a dental appointment, put on a happy face. Explain that the dentist and his helpers are friends who want to help us have healthy teeth and mouths..

Avoid using negative words, explaining exactly what the appointment will entail, and saying that everything will be fine. If the appointment doesn’t go as you described, your child may develop mistrust for you or the dental team. 

Keeping dental visits simple and positive will help your child feel comfortable. 

Engage your child in dental care.

Children who become active in their dental healthcare are more likely to continue good oral hygiene as they grow.

How do you involve children in their dental healthcare? Make it fun and rewarding, but do not bribe. Instead, try the following:

  • Let your children choose their toothbrushes. Suggest the fun ones that play music, light up, or have their favorite character on the handle.

  • Brush your teeth with your child. When your child sees you brushing your teeth, he will emulate you and not see it as a chore. 

  • Use dental apps (on your phone) that reward children for brushing their teeth regularly and having good dental exams. 

  • Use games, funny songs, or timers to help encourage your children to look forward to brushing their teeth. 

  • Guide your child to select fresh fruit for snacks (instead of sugary juices and starchy treats) to lower the risk of cavities. 

  • Encourage your child to play dentist with a stuffed toy or doll after a dental appointment.t. 

Dr. Cellars and our team at Seacliff Dental want you and your littles to understand the importance of good dental hygiene and regular checkups. At our family dental office in Huntington Beach, CA, we create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you and your children will flourish. Call us today at 714-848-4247 or contact us online to schedule a visit.

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